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Axalta Coating Systems

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Our Setup

Our painting technicians work with Cromax Pro by Axalta, waterborne paints in our large spray room – a clean, healthy painting environment that’s brightly lit to recreate full spectrum sunlight.

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Paint Match Blending Process

We use Cromax Pro by Axalta paints because they are steadfast, durable and vibrant. The Cromax X-Pert ™ Paint Mixing System results in the most accurate paint matching we’ve seen yet, with computer controlled mixing for exact color and precise adjustments to get it just right. We’ve found the paints are also easier to work with and improve our efficiency. Because they are waterborne paints, they are less toxic and friendlier to humans and the environment.

OEM Approved

OEM approvals can boost customer confidence through confirmation that the coatings used to repair customer’s vehicle meet or exceed OEM criteria for collision repairs.

Axalta Coating Systems is a world-wide leader and has been developing, producing, and marketing coating systems for more than a century. Their expertise in automotive coatings is used by numerous OEM production facilities supported by our global supply position. Click here to see the full list of OEM approvals.

Maintain Your New Finish

To keep your car’s finish looking like new, we highly recommend that you follow these useful tips:

• Hand wash your vehicle with warm water and a mild auto wash detergent in a shaded area
• Remove stains and bird droppings as soon as possible to prevent acid etching of the new paint finish
• Avoid washing your vehicle with hard water
• Avoid polishing or waxing for 90 days
• Avoid extreme temperatures
• Avoid drying your vehicle with a dry cloth to prevent scratching the finish
• Avoid commercial auto washes for 90 days
• Avoid spilling chemicals such as antifreeze or coolant on the finish
• Avoid scraping snow or ice from the vehicle’s finished area

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Paint Matching

The Repair Process

There’s a lot more to the Repair Process than you might think.



Some common steps to begin the repair process are:

  • Perform a thorough damage assessment
  • Examine the critical safety systems of your vehicle
  • Explain all repair details and answer any questions
  • Help with your insurance claims process



Tasks to get your vehicle ready for repair include:

  • Wash the vehicle’s exterior and repair area
  • Complete any disassembly needed
  • Review original estimate
  • Review parts and materials needed



Steps to prepare for refinishing include:

  • Removing the original layers of paint
  • Straightening the frame and welding the new panels in place
  • Removing dents, sanding and filling with body-repair material
  • Taking steps to protect against corrosion



Typical steps for refinishing are:

  • The vehicle is covered for protection
  • A primer is applied to guarantee good adhesion of paint
  • The primer is sanded and cleaned for a smooth finish
  • Paint is mixed using digital or manual color tools
  • Color coat is applied to your vehicle
  • Finally, a clear coat is applied



Some of the final steps include:

  • Once the finish is approved, final trim pieces are installed
  • Interior is cleaned and vacuumed
  • Exterior body, wheels and tires are washed
  • Vehicle is inspected to ensure your satisfaction



Your vehicle is ready for the road.

At the time of delivery we will provide you with a complete copy off all your paperwork and collect any out of pocket expenses or insurance deductibles.

Hopefully you will never need us again, but if you do, remember your experience with Arrowhead Auto Body.