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We didn’t set out to become an “eco-friendly” auto body shop. It’s not that we don’t love nature – we do. It’s just that our number one agenda has always been to simply provide the number one auto body repair service. By doing that, we stumbled upon some important truths.

First, sometimes the best quality products are also the least toxic and the most efficient to use. We found this was true with our Axalta Chromax Pro waterborne paints which reduce solvent waste, emissions, and improve our working environment. Our paint technicians love to use them because of the increased productivity and the unrivaled shine it produces. They’re water based, which has less impact on the environment. You’ll get a beautiful, long-lasting finish and one of the industry’s best warranties while doing a good thing for our great lake – now that’s a win-win situation.

“Our Axalta Cromax paints are not only long-lasting and vibrant – they are cleaner, more efficient and less harmful to the environment”

Axalta Helping to Reduce the Impact on Our Environment

Second, if we are just a little more conscious of how we use energy and dispose of our waste, we can save ourselves money, encourage recycling, and reduce our contribution to landfills. We have taken steps to accomplish this by: switching all lighting to more efficient LED bulbs throughout the shop, recycling and reusing lacquer thinner, and recycling metal alloys.

Third, we realized that our customers are looking to save money and reduce their impact on the environment – so our technicians were trained in repairing hybrid vehicles to keep up with these new trends.

To provide the best service, we have to be open to innovation which has allowed us to keep up with the new technologies in the industry. We’ve found nothing but positive results in taking the simple steps we have to be more eco-friendly, and ultimately it has allowed us to better serve our customers.